This Series is Now Closed.

Yes, it has finally come.

I'm putting an end to Drawn Silly, my webcomic journal.

To all my fans out there (all 12 of you, lol), sorry. But I realized something: I was making this comic for other people. I was no longer making it for myself.

It's fine to make things for other people. I have nothing against that. However, it should not hold true for comics.

At some point, you realize, "I'm not enjoying making this. I'm only making this to try to get others to laugh. I'm only making this to increase the number of subscribers I have." That's not what comics should be about.

Comics should be something YOU yourself are invested in for yourself. You have to want to make the comic because you love it, for its ideas, for its characters, for all the drama and intense hilarity inside it, and more. Everything you love is in this project, and you're going to make this series! To hell with the consequences and the nay-sayers and the trolls who don't like your sense of humor! All those be damned! You're making this comic because you love it.

It got to the point where, unfortunately, I did not love Drawn Silly. It's sad, really, because a journal comic shouldn't end up like that. I had originally started this project to keep myself in the habit of drawing comics and to bring awareness of my work to the internet at large.

I didn't start this series on the right foot. So I'm hoping to end it on one.

Will I still make comics? ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY. I still have a graphic novel in the works and two short-stories I would like to get done before the end of March. Plus, I'll still have my sketch blog. So I won't be gone forever.

But these projects I'm working on will be for me. Because I love the ideas and the work that goes into it. I'm not making them for higher pageview counts, or for practice, or to make a quick buck. I'm not making them for a small audience of readers (sorry, readers).

I'm making these projects for me. And if other people like it, that's cool, too.